Topics of the conference

ISSEP 2011Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution and Perspectives – has an ambition to be leading scientific probe into Informatics as a formative part of the general education – in different forms and at different stages of school, i.e. in primary and secondary education, in pre-service and in-service education of the Informatics teachers, as well as in many supporting activities with clear links to Informatics. Computer Science education at the university level is not the topic of the conference (apart from future Informatics teachers’ development).

We want to reflect upon educational goals and objectives of Informatics as a subject, its curricula and various teaching/learning paradigms, programming, programming languages and pedagogy of programming, teaching/learning materials, various forms of assessment, evaluation and testing, traditional and innovative educational research designs, issues of safety and threats, Informatics’ contribution to new education and the development of the 21st century competencies, competitions, displays, projects and other supporting activities, new forms and formats of interactions, social, cultural and ethical issues emerging from and within Informatics education, class management, Informatics and special education needs, Informatics and integrating digital technologies in other subjects, Informatics and the development of complex digital literacy and other related issues.

Contributions should in general belong to one of the following topics of the conference:

  • Informatics in primary and secondary education
  • Teachers of Informatics
  • Educational research on Informatics
  • Informatics and education in transition
  • Informatics education: supporting activities

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